Man fined for buying underagers vodka

A man who pleaded guilty to buying alcohol for two under-aged teens was fined the sum of £200 at Rothesay Sheriff Court on Monday.

Neil Weir Glancey, (55), address given as Flat 1-3, 4 Deanhood Place, admitted that on July 22 he had been approached by two youths in the High Street area who asked him to buy alcohol for them. He agreed to and was handed £12, which he used to purchase a bottle of vodka from the Co-operative in East Princes Street.

CCTV footage showed the accused buying the bottle, and shortly afterwards, walking with the two youths into Watergate, outside the range of the CCTV camera.

Police approached the teens and seized the bottle, later tracing Glancey at his home address. He indicated to police that he believed the girl was around 21 years old.

Sheriff Ruth Anderson commented: “Well if she was 21, did it not cross your mind that she could purchase alcohol herself?

“It’s utter stupidity for an adult to do that. I take a serious view of this type of offence.”

Glancey was fined the sum of £200.