Malawian teachers visit Bute

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Bute strengthened its links with Malawi on Saturday when five of its head teachers visited the island.

They were brought by Education Quality Improvement Officer, John Lawson, who had taught in Namwiyo School for 5 weeks in the summer as part of the Leaders of Learning Project. 10 teachers from Scotland shared good practice in Malawi and their African partners are now taking part in the second phase, teaching in Glasgow.

The Malawians experienced a warm welcome with a tour of Mount Stuart and lunch at Ettrick Bay Tearoom. In particular, they were excited to see the sea for the very first time in their lives. One of them, called Charity, said, “We are finding it very cold here but nothing would stop us from reaching the sea. I have dreamed about this moment all my life.”

After a cold but happy day, the visitors returned to Glasgow ready to start their second week teaching.

John Lawson said, “We were given such a marvellous experience in Malawi and having spent a week in Glasgow, I was determined our colleagues should get to see the rural landscape and meet the people of the island.

“They have been touched by the kindness and generosity of the locals.”

John has worked with Printpoint to create a collection of photographs of his recent Malawian adventures, in a book entitled ‘The Fork is Too Far Away’.

He added, “I hope people will enjoy the beautiful images of the people and places in the Warm Heart of Africa”.