Lyon loses Euro seat as SNP tops Argyll and Bute poll

George Lyon has lost his seat as the Liberal Democrats' sole MEP for Scotland.
George Lyon has lost his seat as the Liberal Democrats' sole MEP for Scotland.

Bute resident George Lyon has lost his seat as the Liberal Democrats’ only member of the European Parliament for Scotland.

With results declared in 31 of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas, the Liberal Democrats are trailing in sixth place, with seven per cent of the vote.

The SNP and Labour are both set to retain the two MEPs returned at the last Euro election in 2009, with the Conservatives, in third place, keeping their sole MEP for the Scotland region.

The UK Independence Party - which received the most votes across the UK as a whole - are in fourth place in Scotland, with David Coburn set to replace Mr Lyon as the regional constituency’s sixth MEP.

Mr Lyon, MSP for Argyll and Bute between 1999 and 2007, was elected to the European Parliament in 2009, after being placed top of the Liberal Democrats’ list of candidates.

In the Argyll and Bute council area, the SNP received the most votes, with the Conservatives second and the Liberal Democrats narrowly edged into third.

Labour was placed fourth locally, with UKIP just behind in fifth place with 3,030 votes.

Turnout in Argyll and Bute was 40.6 per cent - nearly five per cent higher than in 2009, and more than seven per cent higher than the overall figure for Scotland.

Argyll and Bute results as follows.

SNP 7,792 votes (28.3% of total votes cast); Conservative 5,191 (18.9%); Liberal Democrats 5,174 (18.8%); Labour 3,695 (13.4%); UKIP 3,030 (11.0%); Scottish Green Party 1,912 (6.9%); Britain First 312 (0.1%); British National Party 195 (0.07%); NO2EU 122 (0.04%).

Total votes cast = 27,479 (40.6% of electorate).

Fifty-six votes were rejected - 40 because the ballot paper was unmarked or void for certainty, and 16 because more than one party was selected.

Mr Lyon is due to appear at The Buteman’s independence referendum debate in Rothesay this Friday, May 30, when he will share the Better Together platform with Mary Galbraith, Labour’s candidate for Argyll and Bute in next year’s UK general election.