Local vets nominated for national award

Bute and Cowal Vets' Rothesay practice in Argyle Street.
Bute and Cowal Vets' Rothesay practice in Argyle Street.

Two local veterinarians have been nominated for the prestigious Vet of the Year category of the Petplan Veterinary Awards 2015.

Emma Bicker (Alexander) and Catriona MacIntyre of Bute and Cowal Vets, who work from the Rothesay and Dunoon branches, have both received personal nominations in the awards scheme which recognises the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff in practices across the UK, and is an opportunity for pet owners to say thank you.

The Rothesay and Dunoon branches have also been nominated for the ‘Practice of the Year’ award.

On the veterinary’s Facebook page, island vet Duncan MacIntyre said: “As the old curmudgeon hiding in the back I am very proud to have both these young ladies nominated for this. I am proud of all of our team, vets and support staff in both Bute and Cowal.

“Meeting all the challenges of all species and over a very wide geographical area is indeed difficult for our team, and it’s so very uplifting to be nominated for these awards - the icing on the cake would be to see Catriona MacIntyre and Emma Alexander (Bicker for professional purposes) go a stage further. Please use the link to the Petplan site to give more support if you agree.”

If you’d like to read more about the Petplan awards or to offer your support for Emma and Catriona, go to Petplan’s official website.

Good luck, ladies!