Lia and Jason are Bute's 'dowry wedding' couple

LIA Winspear and Jason McLeod were married at Rothesay Castle on Saturday afternoon - and in doing so became this year's recipients of the Third Marquess of Bute's silver wedding dowry fund.

The proceeds of the fund represent the interest on a sum of 1,000 donated by the third Marquess in 1897, to mark his own silver wedding anniversary, and invested by the then Rothesay Town Council.

The conditions of the dowry fund lay down that the bride should live within Rothesay and that the wedding should take place in December.

A further condition is that the passage from St John's gospel about the first of Jesus' miracles, the turning of water into wine at the wedding at Cana, be read during the ceremony, and local councillor Robert Macintyre gave the reading after explaining the dowry's audience to those present.

The original conditions of the fund also stated that applications for the dowry would be considered at the December meeting of Rothesay Town Council; that body's 2010 successor, the Bute and Cowal area committee of Argyll and Bute Council, approved the award of 400 from the fund to the happy couple at its meeting in Rothesay on Tuesday.

By coincidence, assistant registrar Carol Simons, who officiated on Saturday - the final wedding in Rothesay this year - also officiated at the last Rothesay wedding of 2009, that of Lia's mother Angela to Rothesay taxi driver Willie Bremner-Allison.