Kyles ferry crossing ‘could be extended to midnight’

THE Rhubodach-Colintraive ferry timetable could be extended through to midnight each day, the Scottish Government has suggested.

A draft plan for the future of the country’s ferry services suggests that extending the timetable of the Kyles crossing “could bring substantial benefit to the local economy”, while at the same time being the most cost-effective way of bridging the gap between Bute’s current service and a ‘needs based assessment’ which recommends an operating day from 6am until midnight.

The report’s authors state that extending the operating day on the Rothesay-Wemyss Bay route would be “very expensive and a disproportionately costly solution” to the service needs of the island, while the possibility of losing the Kyles crossing entirely to offset the cost of extending the Rothesay service is also rejected.

Paragraph 41 of the draft says of the Rhubodach-Colintraive service: “We recognise that this is not the principal route [to and from Bute], or the route that may most often be used for commuting purposes.

“The community is therefore asked for their views on this proposal and whether an extended service on this route would be well used.”

The draft plan can be read by clicking on the link to the right of this article.

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