Kilchattan Bay defibrillator appeal reaches £2k mark

THE appeal for funds to buy and install a defibrillator in Kilchattan Bay has raised just over £2,000 so far, it has been announced this week.

The Kingarth and Kilchattan Bay Improvements Ccommittee plans to install the defibrillator – an electrical device providing a shock to the heart in the event of a life-threatening arrhythmia such as a heart attack, often a vital step in keeping a person alive until ambulance crews can reach them – at the quay in the centre of Kilchattan Bay, where it can be easily reached by visiting yacht crews as well as those living in the village. A second defibrillator is also being planned for Kingarth Hotel, within easy reach of Bute Golf Club and the airstrip.

Chair of the committee, Bill Wren, told us: “At the outset, we thought that we would struggle to raise enough for one unit, but the support and generosity we have encountered from local people, visitors and charitable groups has been amazing. Hence, we are now aiming for two units.

“One will be sited on the old weighbridge building at Kilchattan old quay and one on the exterior wall of Kingarth Hotel.”

Mr Wren added: “We are still receiving price quotations from suppliers and the information we have received from groups on Arran and in Glendaruel who now have units has been of great help, as has been the advice of Jennifer McGlashan of the Scottish Ambulance Service.

“We continue to work hard to raise further funds and hope to be in a position to order the units within a couple of months.

“This is an on-going project which requires having funds to pay for insurance and maintenance on each unit.”