Kansas lottery is latest scam alert

A ROTHESAY resident has contacted The Buteman to warn readers of yet another attempt to con them out of their cash.

Rothesay Court resident Ronald Rudolph received two pieces of very official-looking documentation recently, purporting to come from the organisers of a lottery in Kansas City.

One stated: “We are pleased to inform you that we have identified £735,300.00 in pending, unpaid cash award opportunities as recorded in the most recent documentation that is now CONFIRMED and GUARANTEED to you.”

The other, from the same source, had a much less clear message but appeared to encourage Mr Rudolph to answer a ‘qualifying question’ in order to become a candidate for a prize of £10,000.

Naturally enough, Mr Rudolph’s hackles immediately rose, and rather than fill in the forms with all his credit card details he brought the information to us so that we could spread the word.

As with all such apparent scams, the advice is simple: do not give out your credit card or bank details to anyone unless you know and trust them and you know the information will be kept secure.