It’s Brigadoon backwards as Bute disappears from weather maps

A REVAMP of the BBC’s website has removed both Rothesay and Bute from the corporation’s weather maps.

Eagle-eyed Buteman reader Brian Barr got in touch to tell us that in a revamp of the site’s weather pages, both Rothesay and the Isle of Bute had been deleted from its search facilities.

“The other major towns in Argyll and Bute - Oban, Lochgilphead, Dunoon and Campbeltown - are all confidently recognised,” Brian told us.

“Even Colintraive and Kilchattan - without the Bay - exist as far as the BBC is concerned. But Rothesay? Never heard of it!

“A search for Bute takes you to Guernsey or Cardiff. Isle of Bute takes you to the Isle of Mull. 

“This could be no more than a minor irritation. But we need visitors, and visitors planning a holiday want to know what the weather will be. And if they can’t find either the town or the island on a website as prestigious as the BBC’s, they may understandably look elsewhere.”

After checking out the site for ourselves, and found forecasts for Ascog and Kingarth, among others, but not Rothesay, we contacted the BBC’s press office to ask why they had made the island and its only town disappear.

A spokesperson said: “The BBC weather website was relaunched on Tuesday and as with any technical project of this scale, we’ve had a few teething problems which we are in the process of getting fixed.

“We are feeding all location errors like this one back to the Location Services team and will get Bute and Rothesay back on to the site as quickly as possible.”