Island View: Sky’s the limit for the young

Jamie Murray MSYP, one of Bute's many promising young people.
Jamie Murray MSYP, one of Bute's many promising young people.

After last week’s column, in which I extolled the virtues of old people and what we can learn from them, it only seems fair to give the younger generations their due as well.

In my time here I have met a number of hugely impressive people younger than myself, and discovering that there are now people even five or six years my junior achieving great things in areas as diverse as music, modelling, science scholarships, youth politics and sports to name just a few, has been both a chastening experience and an inspiring one.

While the elderly are often worth listening to because of their valuable past experience, young people should be heard for very different reasons – their progressive attitudes, energy, adaptability and willingness to try new things.

For example, I am part of maybe the last generation who went to school in a time before smartphones and tablet computers became ubiquitous, and though I consider myself fairly technologically literate, my expertise is nothing compared to those who have grown up alongside these technologies of the future.

There is amazing potential for young people with imagination to identify the shortcomings of the shiniest new tech and the old ways of thinking, and to forge new ways forward.

Since before I came here, Jamie Murray of Rothesay has represented Argyll and Bute in the Scottish Youth Parliament and contributed regularly to the Buteman through a column.

It is refreshing to hear of someone so young taking such a keen interest in the often tedious but always important business of politics, and to learn about the things Jamie gets up to while representing the region’s youth in national parliament.

In covering stories on Rothesay Academy in the past few months, I have met a great number of students who have excelled in spheres academic and otherwise.

Everyone has a talent for something, and nothing displays that better than the academy’s recent awards evening which celebrated students in all areas and saw musical performances from several young virtuosos.

As long as young people are encouraged to find something they are passionate about and work hard at it, there is virtually no limit to the potential of generations to come.