Island view: A reliance on technology?

The influence of technology is ever more far-reaching.
The influence of technology is ever more far-reaching.

I often wonder how on earth people got by before the wealth of technology we have at our disposal these days.

In professional and personal capacities, I would be the first to admit I am prone to spending perhaps too much of the week looking at a variety of screens.

Whether it’s drafting emails, finding useful phone numbers online or the relatively young phenomenon of conducting interviews via Facebook, I would be severely hamstrung in my ability to do my job if there were any long-term disruption to Bute’s broadband provision or electricity supply.

Being able to do research quickly and just about anywhere via a smartphone is also a huge boon.

I don’t doubt that journalists and people of all walks of life got by just as well before this became the daily reality, but I can say with certainty that I have become reliant on the convenience afforded.

Outside of work, the internet has been invaluable for socialising with people of my own age.

Though I have never been great at making new friends, the general lack of people in their early 20s on Bute has intensified the problem, so I am grateful for the ability to stay in touch with old friends back in England most days online.

Additionally, the wealth of ways to meet new people on the internet has led to some great social trips to the mainland.

Before widespread internet connections and powerful handheld computers, it would have been extremely difficult for someone in my position to make new connections in this way.

You can come to your own conclusions on whether the spread of technology and interconnectivity into everyday life has gone too far, but for me the kind of remote communication made possible by these developments has been a godsend.