IN PICTURES: North Bute’s Victorian Day

The children and staff of North Bute Primary turned back the hands of time with a ‘Victorian Day’ at the Port school recently.

The classes opened their doors to parents, friends and visitors to show off all they’ve learned about life in Victorian days.

North Bute Primary School's Victorian Day.

North Bute Primary School's Victorian Day.

The younger members of the school entertained their audience with a punch and judy-style puppet show using their very own hand-crafted puppets. Visitors weren’t able to sit back and relax though, as the children roped them into taking part in some playground games, including marbles, hopscotch and skipping - the latter leaving many out of puff!

The children also showed off their singing skills with a rousing rendition of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.

Elsewhere in the school, pupils demonstrated their domestic talents, polishing silverware using lemon and bicarbonate of soda to bring knives and forks back to a gleaming sheen, while others waited on their visitors with juice and sugar plums (which were delicious!).

There were opportunities to practice handwriting, and to read some of the children’s storybooks, complete with illustrations.