IJB board member says ‘plans should be deferred’

Thomson Court, Rothesay.
Thomson Court, Rothesay.

One of the members of the Integrated Joint Board - the body behind the decision to close the day centre at Thomson Court - has said the plans should be deferred in favour of ‘full consultation’.

Councillor Anne Horn registered her dissent at the decision to close the facility and replace it with an ‘at home, befrienders-style’ service.

Cllr Horn is one of four councillors who sit on the IJB.

The three remaining councillors are Cllr Mary-Jean Devon, Cllr Elaine Robertson, and Cllr Kieron Green, who also serves as chair of the IJB.

Cllr Horn said: “I am sure all members of the IJB are aware of my concerns as they have been raised at each meeting since the proposals were brought to the table.

“I have spoken with Mary-Jean Devon at length on the issue and to Heather Grier [the service user representative].

“I asked for my dissent to be recorded of the minute from the June meeting as I did not believe that I had supported these proposals.”

Cllr Horn continued: “I stated at the last meeting that I was shocked that the unions still had not been involved and not invited to a staff meeting that was taking place less than 48 hours later.

“I am not aware of any other member of the Board registering dissent.”

She continued: “I appreciate that decisions taken by the IJB are a corporate decision and we each take responsibility.

“I intimated at the meeting last week that I was finding it difficult to remain a member when there is still difficulties consulting with all who are affected in any way. I do not believe that the Integrated Joint Board can make these major decisions without being fully informed of the impact.”

In a letter to The Buteman this week, Cllr Horn said: “My personal opinion would be that, while so much is still to be discussed, the proposals should be deferred to allow full consultation to take place with people at the centre.”