Iain Gillespie gets his deserved rewards

Iain Gillespie with his Individual Volunteer of the Year shield.
Iain Gillespie with his Individual Volunteer of the Year shield.

A hard-working Bute volunteer was rewarded for his years of unpaid work in Rothesay last week.

Iain Gillespie, 78, went to a prizegiving for volunteers hosted by the Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface (TSI) in Oban on Thursday, September 7 - though he didn’t even know he had been nominated for the organisation’s Individual Volunteer of the Year award until he got to the Gathering Halls.

Iain Gillespie told the Buteman: “I was told that I was being invited to an affirmation of wedding vows by my nephew Colin and his wife, Fiona.

“I was only told that it was a ruse about five minutes prior to entering the hall and I later found out that quite a few locals were party to this duplicity.

“Our community, it seems, are very nice people individually, but when conspiring together are a very devious bunch!

“I would like to express my gratitude to anybody who nominated me and, also, to the locals who travelled to Oban in support.

“Fiona Gillespie not only instigated the original ruse but spent many hours making arrangements.

“To everyone, my deepest and heartfelt thanks, made even more humbling when my nephew, Colin, showed me all the very nice remarks on Facebook.

“I did not embark on the voluntary work expecting any recognition and it makes me more determined to carry on doing as much as I can.”

Rothesay’s Len Scoullar, who was one of many to nominate Iain and attended the event as provost of Argyll and Bute Council, told the Buteman: “Iain is such an unassuming, modest, friendly person.

“People like him are invaluable to small communities.

Iain also received £1000 in travel vouchers and the Sargus Memorial Trophy for his long-term efforts at the prizegiving in Oban.