How much is spent on educating your children?

Rothesay Primary School.
Rothesay Primary School.

A total of £3.85 million was spent educating pupils in Bute’s four schools during the 2014-15 academic year, according to new statistics.

A report considered by Argyll and Bute Council’s community services committee this week states that £1,501,519 was spent on the 375 pupils in the island’s three primary schools, and £2,351,304 on the 302 pupils at Rothesay Academy.

According to the new report, the average spend per primary school pupil on Bute was £5,507 at North Bute, £4,088 at St Andrew’s and £3,651 at Rothesay Primary.

That means a spend of £4,415 per primary pupil and £7,786 for each pupil at the Academy.

Those figures compare with an Argyll and Bute average of £4,622 for each primary pupil and £5,876 for every secondary pupil.

For each school the total expenditure is broken down into six areas: teachers, other employees, premises-related spending, supplies and services, transport-related spending, and third party payments.

Not included are sums spent on additional support needs and on school transport, budgets which are held centrally by the council and distributed according to need.

In total the authority spent £104.644m on education services in 2014-15, with £54.828m of that spent on primary and secondary school education.