Housing development in Ascog draws objections

A PROPOSED housing development to develop an open ‘infill’ site containing eight flats in two blocks of four and two detached dwelling-houses has generated objections from some neighbouring residents in Ascog.

The planning application, which was first applied for in August 2006, was recently submitted for renewal by Mr and Mrs P. Hardy, whose proposed site for the housing development is on the land south of Southpark in Ascog and is up for sale.

Within the original design statement, it states: “It is the applicant’s intention to commence infra-structure and road works in 2007. Apartments and houses would then be constructed on a ‘demand’ basis. Based on recent market trends it is reasonable to assume that the development could be completed by the beginning of 2009.”

However, some residents of Ascog have submitted objections to the plans. Mrs Margaret Morrison of Southpark says: “Our home is next to the proposed building site. It is a grade B listed building built circa 1850; the cottage and apartments are C listed. When we bought the house and buildings from Mr and Mrs Hardy in 2007 we were not aware at the time of the topography and geology of the proposed site which has a substantial rocky foundation. This became obvious with all the flooding issues that we dealt with from the next door field.”

Current owner of the land, Mrs Jennifer Hardy told us: “The planning permission for the land was about to lapse, and as it is our intention to sell it on – and we’ve received interest from some builders who are – we put in for renewal.

“The last time the application was submitted, all the objections were answered in full and were resolved, and so we’re hopeful that any objections will be met in the same manner this time around.”