Hope for Rothesay fireworks show as community rallies

Rock the Prom is a popular annual fireworks show and music event in Rothesay.
Rock the Prom is a popular annual fireworks show and music event in Rothesay.

Two local men are hoping to bring the Bute community together and revive Rock the Prom after its apparent cancellation by Light Up Bute.

Light Up Bute, who usually organise the annual event including a fireworks display, released a statement on its Facebook page last week saying: “Due to recent events and ill health, Light Up Bute have taken the decision to stop any future events, including Rock the Prom 2017.

“All donations made towards the fireworks display via GoFundMe will be returned by GoFundMe.”

The event was due to take place on October 28 on Rothesay’s promenade, and Light Up Bute had taken donations from businesses and individuals to help with running costs.

Now Geo Cunningham and Liam Dunnachie are trying to encourage fellow residents to pull together to put on a similar event soon.

Liam said on Facebook in the Isle of Bute group: “We have been in contact with Argyll and Bute Council regarding the firework display going ahead this year - nothing to do with Light Up Bute - and there are a few things that need to be discussed at council level.

“An application for public entertainment licenses needs to be made, and consent from the council to use the site is also required. There is also a great deal of risk assessment required and safety assessment needs to also be in place.

“Stewarding and medical first aid plans also need to be in place. There is of course the cost implications.

“Obviously further funding will be required.

“Anyone interested in helping us make this happen, please get in touch.

“We are in discussions with some local business and community groups to attempt to take forward the plans to create a working group to manage planning and so on.

“I suspect that the tight deadline may not allow us to make it happen on October 28, but we will keep everyone up to date. Onwards and upwards!”

Speaking to the Buteman, Liam said: “We are trying to get the community to pull together to make this event happen.

“I can’t say for certain that we as a community can make this happen, but if enough people get behind it and build a steering group then maybe we can move mountains... or a few hills.

“We are just two locals who believe that if we can do our bit to help, then why shouldn’t we!

“As a member of the local community, I’d like to see this event go ahead, as it gives the community an event to come together, as well as being good for local business.”

District councillor Jim Findlay told the Buteman: “All the Bute councillors would obviously be very disappointed that this event would be cancelled.”

Councillor Jean Moffat said: “It’s extremely disappointing that this event was cancelled, it has always been an event that’s well-loved.

“There’s hope that it will be taken up and run by another group now.”

Light Up Bute have declined to comment further.