Highlands and Islands ‘list’ candidates unveiled

The Scottish Parliament election is on Thursday, May 5.
The Scottish Parliament election is on Thursday, May 5.

The list of candidates hoping to be elected as ‘list’ MSPs for the Highlands and Islands in the Scottish Parliament has been published.

Seven ‘list’ seats are available in the region under the Holyrood election system, in order to ensure number of MSPs representing each party is more closely linked to the share of the votes they receive.

Notable names among the Highlands and Islands list candidates include Bute resident Hugh Moodie - though at number eight on the SNP’s list, he stands no chance of being elected as a direct result of the May 5 poll - and UKIP’s sole Scottish MEP, David Coburn, who is his party’s number one candidate in the region.

The Liberal Democrats’ Argyll and Bute constituency candidate - and former Westminster MP - Alan Reid is at number five on his party’s list.

The ‘runners and riders’ on the Highlands and Islands lists are as follows (candidates’ names are listed in descending order according to their places on each list):

RISE – Respect, Independence, Socialism and Environmentalism, Scotland’s Left Alliance

Jean Urquhart; Conor Cheyne; Suzanne Nicola Wright; Louis McIntosh

Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” - Christians Together

Donald MacLeod Boyd; Andrew Henderson Shearer; Isobel Ann MacLeod; John Cranston Lister

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party - Ruth Davidson for a Strong Opposition

Douglas Ross; Edward Mountain; Donald Cameron; Jamie Halcro Johnston; Struan Mackie; Cameron Smith; Robbie Munro

Scottish Green Party - Re-elect John Finnie

John Finnie; Isla O’Reilly; Fabio Villani; Ariane Burgess; Steve Sankey; Anne Katherine Thomas; Donnie Macleod; Michèle Rhodius; Topher Dawson

Scottish Labour Party Choose kids, not cuts

Rhoda Grant; David Stewart; Leah Franchetti; Sean Morton; Sarah Atkin; John Erskine; Robina Barton; Gerard McGarvey

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Jamie Stone; Carolyn Caddick; James Patterson; David Green; Alan Reid; Angela MacLean; Jean Davis; Ken MacLeod

Scottish National Party (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon for First Minister

Maree Todd; Laura Mitchell; Mike Mackenzie; Liz MacDonald; Richard Laird; Danus Skene; Angus MacLeod; Hugh Moodie; Ken Gowans; Donna Heddle; Antony Harrison; Muriel Cockburn.

Solidarity - Scotland’s Socialist Movement Tommy Sheridan - IndyRef2

Liz Walker; Ryan Malcolm McGuinness; William Robertson Henderson; Findlay Robert Walker

UK Independence Party (UKIP)

David Adam Coburn; Arthur Leslie Durance; George King; Philip Andrew Anderson


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