Rothesay hospital grounds to be officially smoke-free

The Victoria Hospital in Rothesay.
The Victoria Hospital in Rothesay.

Smoking will be banned in the grounds of the Victoria Hospital in Rothesay - along with all hospitals in NHS Highland - from next week.

Although smoke-free grounds should have been commonplace across the area’s hospitals since January 2008, the policy has not always been followed; now a blanket ban will be put in place in February, with the aim of resolving any issues before a formal prohibition comes into place in March.

NHS Highland consultant breast surgeon Nick Abbot said: “Although this may prove a challenging policy for some to abide by, the long term health benefits for staff, patients and visitors justify this approach.

“Support will be available for anyone who finds this difficult, particularly people who smoke heavily admitted as an emergency.

“As an organisation we should always look at health promotion and disease prevention as important areas to support in addition to treating illness. I am delighted to see the board moving even further to reduce the negative impact of smoking on health.”

The smoke-free grounds forms part of wider work set out in the Scottish Government’s ‘Creating a tobacco-free generation’ strategy, which has seen local efforts to raise awareness that will be supported by a National media campaign in March.