Fyne Futures hosts Island Expedition

Fyne Futures representatives gave tourists an insight into their facilities.
Fyne Futures representatives gave tourists an insight into their facilities.

Last weekend Fyne Futures played host to a number of cyclists who were taking part in the newly introduced ‘Island Expeditions’ routes.

The routes have been formed by the Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA) as part of a way to tour the island seeing some of the more unique sights that Bute has to offer.

In 2016 SEDA produced a series of maps entitled ‘Urban Expeditions’ which guided participants around ecologically sustainable buildings.

To compliment these maps SEDA prepared the Island Expedition series starting with Bute.

Touring Rothesay, they were shown around some of Bute’s buildings of architectural note, including the Discovery Centre, the Pavilion and the Recycling Centre.

The theme for the tour was to try to highlight a sustainable design approach in response to social, economic and environmental issues. For example, the majority of the items used to construct the Fyne Futures recycling shed were recycled, reclaimed or supplied from sustainable sources.

The roof is 100% aluminium; the same material that Fyne Futures collect and recycle, and the timber cladding is local larch.

The shed was built back in 2004 and appears in a new publication by SEDA released this year. It was designed by architect Chris Stewart, who was with the group on Saturday that met with Reeni Kennedy-Boyle, General Manager at Fyne Futures. The group were keen to learn of the work Fyne Futures do within the community and were impressed with the work the team do.

The Rothesay SEDA tour takes an estimated one and a half hours on foot, but allow extra time if you stop for a ‘show and tell’ of sites like the shed.

The tour’s route can be found on the SEDA website.