Fancy joining a community band?

Two members of the community with an extensive musical knowledge between them have made preliminary enquiries into the possibility of starting a community band on Bute.

Tim Saul, chairman of Bute Jazz Festival Committee, musician in Tim Saul’s Jazz Trio and restaurateur, and Tony Spencer, instrumental instructor for the island and former teacher at Kent Music School, have begun discussions into creating a community band on the island – welcoming people of all ages, all styles and all abilities.

Tim told us: “I worked overseas in the eighties in the Middle East, and I was looking for different things to occupy my time with. From there, a community band was formed with adult players and children, of all different nationalities, and it was tremendous fun.

“I recently spoke to Tony, and we agreed that there are lots of people on the island who play instruments, but who don’t necessarily have anywhere to play.

“We’re really keen to look at what kind of support there’d be for something like this, and if there is support, we can take it forward to the next stage.”

Tony told us: “It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do. There are lots of people on the island, in particular, people who played while at school, and they’ve either moved back here for work after university, or are back during holidays, and there are no opportunities on Bute for them to play.

“The hope is that we can find somewhere to play, and any funding we get could be used to buy music, for example.

“We’re very keen for anyone interested to get in touch, as that’ll allow us to determine what the next step will be.”

If joining a community band is music to your ears, you can express your interest by calling Tim Saul at (01700) 502922.