Ettrick Bay footpath being ‘ploughed up’

The footpath at Ettrick Bay.
The footpath at Ettrick Bay.

Complaints were made at Wednesday evening’s meeting of Bute Community Council over the condition of the path on the shoreline at Ettrick Bay.

BCC chair, Grace Strong, said: “Several people have complained to me about tractors at Ettrick Bay which have evidently been using the footpath from one end of the bay to the other, and folk are up in arms as they’re ploughing it up.

“The path is meant for pedestrians and cyclists only.”

Bute Community Councillor, Barbara Hill, added: “The footpath no longer exists - it’s just getting worse and worse.”

A log which normally blocks vehicle access beyond the car park at the south end of the bay has been moved, it was noted.

Councillor Robert Macintyre advised Ms Strong to contact the factor of Bute Estate, Bob Baines, to raise the matter.