Rothesay golfers’ fury at dog fouling menace

The clubhouse at Rothesay Golf Club.
The clubhouse at Rothesay Golf Club.

Rothesay Golf Club has become the latest organisation on Bute to complain at the scourge of dog fouling on the island.

The club’s secretary, Andy Gilmour, has written to The Buteman accusing dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets of treating the club’s Canada Hill course as “a vast dog toilet”.

Mr Gilmour said: “I expect that some people think that it is all right to let their pets defecate in the rough areas and in the wooded areas. It is not.

“Occasionally members and visitors find themselves trying to play out of these areas and nothing is more disgusting than going in to one of these areas to find that you are standing on a deposit left by somebody’s dog.

“I ask for the cooperation of all dog walkers to clean up after their pets. However we reserve the right to report to the appropriate authorities anybody disregarding the law. I hope that we do not need to take this action.”