Incredible Bute group still producing

Bute Produce.
Bute Produce.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the winter months are quiet months for Bute’s green groups without any growing and sowing.

Whilst you may not find the team at Incredible Edible Bute tending the beds at the moment, you will still find a flurry of activity if you look just a little closer.

The Bute Carbon Free Food project, which helped give rise to the Incredible Edible Bute group, has brought a number of training opportunities to Bute and the volunteer group that are helping bring this to fruition.

The group’s Sandy Ogilvie explained more about what they have been up to. He said: “Our ‘Master Composter’ course was delivered by local garden and training centre Bute Produce. The course taught the science behind composting, teaching how to get the most out of what we leave behind. In doing this we reduce our waste and lessen the carbon impact we have on our island. It was a great opportunity and enjoyed by all who attended.

“The ongoing cookery course reached its fourth date on Wednesday. The event, entitled ‘Nutrition for Health’ was an opportunity to hear about how eating the right food impacts upon our wellbeing. This event focused on healthy eating and maintaining a low carbon food chain diet – getting your healthy food locally to reduce carbon miles.

“For instance, you can eat locally produced fresh fruit and vegetables to maintain a healthy balanced diet, and in buying this locally you reduce the carbon miles your food travels to get to your plate- your ‘carbon foodprint’.

“The youngsters of Bute too will be learning about how to make the most from waste, as many of them will be taking part in ‘mini composter’ courses in school.

“These will be taught with supported from members of the Bute Produce team. They will be learning about organic matter and wormeries- all of the best creepy crawly, dirty things that kids can find in the garden. Perhaps then your little one will be able to show you how to reduce your waste and teach you why it is so important to do more with less.

“If this has left you with a taste for more then there are future events that the Incredible Edible group have lined up around Valentine’s Day.”

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