Bute community urged to apply for Mount Stuart Trust membership

The campaign to increase the level of community involvement in the Mount Stuart Trust has stepped up a gear after the Trust sent application forms for membership to all those who applied last month to become members.

Andy Wightman from the Land Action Scotland campaign, who is co-ordinating the bid to open up management of land on Bute to a wider cross-section of the community, has posted the form on his website and encouraged all who would like to become members of the Trust to complete the paperwork.

The form must be returned by November 16, and according to Mr Wightman’s latest website post the Trust will not consider any application forms received after that date.

“The application form asks a series of questions,” Mr Wightman says on his site.

“We advise applicants to answer them as fully as they can. We are not persuaded that some of the information asked for is entirely legitimate for an application to become a straightforward member of a charity (as opposed to a Board member).

“If you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions please simple provide a very brief response. Failure to answer any question may be interpreted as a failure to complete the application form.

“Finally, please retain a copy of your application form. This may be of use at a later stage

“Further applications can be made by any person who has not already applied by letter. Simply complete the form and sent it to the address provided in the covering letter.

“In completing the questions in relation to your interests, skills and experience, please do read carefully the objects of the Charity as contained in the Memorandum of Association.

“If, for example, you have special expertise in the effects of weather on “man, animals and other living creatures” (3c) then please do make sure they know this. Likewise with any skills and experience with other charities or similar bodies.”

However, in response to a comment on his web article, Mr Wightman says he will not be making the contents of his own application form public.

Click on the link to the right of this article to go to the Land Action Scotland website and to download the PDF version of the application form.