Bute Community Land Company chair: ‘I’m not resigning’

Woodland at Rhubodach was purchased in a community buy-out in 2010
Woodland at Rhubodach was purchased in a community buy-out in 2010

The chair of Bute Community Land Company has put rumours he had quit the company to bed, stating “I have not tendered my resignation, nor am I intending to.”

John Reid, who was co-opted as chair of BCLC, responded to our enquiry following Bute Community Council’s meeting on Wednesday, February 15, at which some councillors said they’d heard Mr Reid had resigned from the post.

As we recently reported, there was a heated discussion at BCLC’s Extraordinary General Meeting earlier this month over the direction of the company. Concerns were also raised over communications, and lack of information regarding BCLC’s financnes.

Mr Reid said: “I have received a number of emails of support from members who were at the [EGM] meeting who have asked me not to be swayed from the task of recovery.

“I have not received any negative comments so far.

“I was personally taken aback at the gloomy and pessimistic comments on the history of the company, which is both irrelevant to me and something I personally cannot change or address. My sole interest is in moving matters forwards, from a situation which was/is close to collapse.

“I welcome suggestions for the future but I cannot address history, and BCLC and Bute Forest Limited need to move on.

“My offer is to speak to any person who or body which is interested in order to find new ways forwards and to satisfy the member’s and community’s concerns about the organisation.”

At Bute Community Council’s meeting in the United Church of Bute community councillors agreed to contact the board of BCLC to see if discussions might be held regarding the organisation’s future, with community councillor Jean Moffatt saying: “We need to find out what has happened. It was a hugely popular buy-out and the whole thing is in a very precarious position now it would seem.”

>> For more information on Bute Forest and BCLC visit their website at www.buteforest.co.uk.