Rothesay students pass numeracy course with flying colours

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Argyll College UHI, in partnership with Community Education, recently delivered a ten week numeracy course, with all six students who completed the certificated course passing with flying colours.

The course introduced many numeracy skills which included addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages and ratios. The emphasis of the course was on practical numeracy with calculation of interest rates, chart work and graph interpretation.

Course tutor Charles Jones said: “The students all had very different backgrounds and varying levels of ability with numbers, but, without exception, they all made the effort to take work home with them at their own suggestion. This cooperative approach certainly helped to develop the positive group dynamic which grew throughout the course. A big ‘well done’ to all those students who took part.”

One of the students, Jackie, added: “The numeracy course was fantastic. It felt good getting the brain working again – learning and enjoyment at the same time, not like being back at school. The tutor was not bossy and he listened to what was said and helped in explaining problems, especially with charts and graphs.

“I was never sure of how to read them but I’m sure I can do that now.

“I hope to do more courses to keep my brain working as I like a challenge, meeting people and building my confidence.”