Inter-house sport at Rothesay Academy

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Rothesay Academy’s annual inter-house sports events took place this week - with the help for the first time of the school’s new Sports Council.

This year’s competition featured girls’ hockey and basketball, and boys’ football and rugby (though the junior boys played basketball instead due to the weather), and the numbers taking part and the student morale were excellent.

Kames gathered the most points ahead of Scalpsie and Ettrick in the junior and senior girls’ competitions, while Scalpsie won the junior boys’ tournament and the senior boys’ honours went to Ettrick.

When the results of all four sections were combined, Scalpsie emerged with 60 points, Ettrick with 48 and Kames with 44. The school’s overall inter-house championship combines sporting and academic achievement, with the trophy awarded at the school’s end-of-year prizegiving.