Inspectors publish report on Rothesay Joint Campus

A report by Scotland’s education inspectors on the quality of education at Rothesay Joint Campus was published on Tuesday.

The Education Scotland report identified a number of key strengths, including children’s experience in the nursery at Rothesay Primary pre-5, well-behaved and courteous children and young people, partnerships that support the involvement of children and young people in the life and work of their community, and the care and commitment shown by staff across the campus in building positive relationships with children and young people.

Following discussions with the inspectors, Argyll and Bute Council has agreed to improve the school’s curriculum to raise the achievement of pupils at the campus, and to improve approaches to meeting the needs of all children and young people.

The authority has also agreed to provide appropriately challenging learning opportunities across the curriculum, and to continue to develop improvement planning to focus more clearly on outcomes for children and young people.

The report concludes with the following evaluations for the campus:

Improvements in performance - satisfactory

Learners’ experiences - good

Meeting learning needs - satisfactory

For the nursery class in particular the following evaluations were made:

Improvements in performance - good

Children’s experiences - very good

Meeting learning needs - very good

The curriculum of the school and nursery class was evaluated as ‘satisfactory’, while improvement through self-evaluation was described as ‘good’.