David’s education appeal reaches Liberia

Educational supplies sent from Scotland are unloaded after arrival in Liberia.
Educational supplies sent from Scotland are unloaded after arrival in Liberia.

The latest shipment of surplus educational materials organised by Bute resident and former island teacher David Hanschell has reached its destination.

David’s Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation (SESF) sent a 40-foot container from Scotland to the Liberian capital of Monrovia just before Christmas - and David, who lives in Rothesay, received confirmation this week that the unloading process had been completed.

Eric Nyuma, who oversaw the container’s arrival, told David in an email: “These supplies came at a time of great need for the many needy Liberian people.

“We will always remain grateful for this gift and you and all other parties are remembered here in Liberia.”

The Foundation was formed in 2005 after David, then teaching at North Bute Primary School in Port Bannatyne, organised a class topic to send books, pencils and other basic materials to the Caribbean island of Grenada after its economy was devastated by Hurricane Ivan.

Since then the Foundation has taken advantage of the school rebuilding programmes taking place in many Scottish local authorities to accept donations of surplus equipment for onward transport to struggling countries in the developing world.

Meanwhile, the Foundation’s book shop in Greenock, which opened its doors to the public last year, has moved to a much more prominent location in the town’s Oak Mall shopping centre.

David told us the previous location at East Hamilton Street, around the corner from Cartsdyke railway station and a stone’s throw from Cappielow Park, home of Morton football club, hadn’t been as successful as he’d hoped.

“East Hamilton Street, though in full view from constant road traffic, had few pedestrians,” David said, “besides occasional visits from the postman.

“I was still awaiting the custom from Morton supporters, and furthermore it is flooded out, which soon had me realise I was on a hiding to nothing.”

The shop’s new home within the Oak Mall is at 8 Hamilton Way, opposite M & Co - “where,” David added, “they will not be likely to get their feet wet!”