Blogger’s dad holds talks with council leader

The father of nine-year-old NeverSeconds blogger Martha Payne has met Argyll and Bute Council leader Roddy McCuish to discuss the impact of the NeverSeconds blog and how it might shape the development of school meals in the future.

Dave Payne was also joined by Mid Argyll councillors Dougie Philand and Sandy Taylor for the meeting at Kilmory - after which a council press release stated that the authority was “pleased with the outcome of the discussions”.

The statement also said the council was looking forward to Mr Payne’s “continuing dialogue” with the authority, “with a view to alleviating any concerns that exist about school meals in Argyll and Bute”.

Councillor McCuish said: “It was good to finally meet with Mr Payne. It is amazing that a wee girl from Lochgilphead has managed to change the way we all look at school meals, and has raised a fortune for Mary’s Meals.”

Mr Payne added: “I am delighted to have had discussions with Argyll and Bute Council and we will shortly be announcing our future plans for NeverSeconds and we are confident that even more money will be raised for Mary’s Meals.”

As this article was published donations to Mary’s Meals via the JustGiving page attached to Martha’s blog (click on the link to the right of this article to go to the NeverSeconds page) had reached £94,878.