Deferred sentence for disorder man

A man who behaved in a disorderly manner, shouting and swearing at police officers and attempting to punch one officer in the head was given a deferred sentence for good behaviour and to seek alcohol counselling.

The court was told that police received a ‘dropped 999’ call, meaning that the caller hadn’t spoken whilst on the call.

Local officers were directed to an address in Westland Road and view the accused, Andrew William Lachlan (29), address given as Flat 1/2, 1 Columshill Place, standing outside the property, apparently under the influence of alcohol.

Upon seeing the officers, Lachlan began to swear and repeatedly asked why they were there.

Police calmed him down, and were eventually invited into the house by the occupant.

Once more, Lachlan became agitated, telling them to leave, with police asking him to calm down.

When officers left the property, the accused followed them and began shouting and swearing once more at officers, saying ‘You may as well take me now’.

Police eventually detained Lachlan, who at one point had managed to break free from their grasp and had attempted to punch an officer in the head.

He was conveyed to Rothesay Police office.

Sheriff Anderson told Lachlan: “You’re old enough now to know what you’re doing. The bottom line is it stops with you. If you won’t commit yourself to a life of sobriety, you’ll commit yourself to a life spent in and out of prison.”

Sentence was deferred for four months good behaviour, and for Lachlan to seek alcohol counselling.