Deferred sentence for breach of peace man

A 17-YEAR-OLD who pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening manner, shouting and swearing and engaging in a stand-up fight while on bail has his sentence deferred for six months good behaviour.

The court was told that on March 26 at 4 Columshill Place, Sam Allison (17) address given as 3 The Mews, Riders Lane, Havant, Hampshire, began to knock on a door within the common close there, and also banged on the living-room window.

Two witnesses who were within the property went outside to confront him and he began to shout and swear at them. A third individual arrived at the property and he became involved in a stand-up fight.

Neighbours contacted the police, who attended and witnessed Allison making his to his own home.

He was detained, cautioned and gave no reply.

Allison’s solicitor Miss McGonogall told the court that the accused now resides in England with his father and brother.

Sheriff Anderson said: “He knows that is future is if he continues to behave in this manner.”

Sentence was deferred for six months good behaviour until April 29, and to await the outcome of other matters elsewhere.