Thousands of offences detected in roads initiative

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Police Scotland identified well over 3000 offences committed by drivers on Scotland’s roads during the new service’s first campaign aimed at making our roads safer by tackling speeding and inappropriate driving.

The four day initiative highlighted that drivers are still prepared to flout the law and put their own road safety and that of others at risk. But it also underlined that such behaviour will not be tolerated by Police Scotland, with officers detected a total of 3239 offences including: 2027 drivers stopped for driving at excessive speed; 1103 other offences detected by police officers on patrol; 12 offenders charged with driving dangerously and 57 charged with driving carelessly.

‘’Driver behaviour of the kind we have seen during this week can result in serious or fatal consequences and we cannot tolerate such selfish and inconsiderate actions on our roads. It is encouraging that members of the public agree, and are prepared to report these drivers to the police. They have our assurance that we will continue to work with them to make our roads safer.

“Although this particular initiative has passed, Police Scotland will continue to be proactive 24 hours a day in respect of road safety providing education and enforcing legislation where appropriate.

“The message is clear: Don’t Risk It!”