Sentence deferred for bail breach man

A man who breached the conditions of his bail order had his sentence deferred for six months at Rothesay Sheriff Court on Monday.

Neil Weir Glancey, (55), address given as Flat 3-1 Deanhood Place, admitted that he had entered premises which he had been forbidden to enter – as part of a bail condition, issued at Rothesay Sheriff Court on January 9 – and was subsequently found to be at that property when police officers called on different matters on March 25.

Glancey was arrested and upon caution and charge, replied ‘I put my hands up to it’.

Sheriff Ruth Anderson told the accused: “You, Mr Glancey, are just a nuisance and you cost the taxpayer a fortune. Aside from anything else, you’re getting too old for this kind of behaviour!”

Sentence was deferred for a period of six months, for the accused to be of good behaviour.