Rothesay court closure ‘may not cut costs’, solicitor warns

THE possible closure of Rothesay Sheriff Court may end up costing more money than it saves, one local solicitor has warned this week after a Scottish Parliament debate on the future of Scotland’s court facilities.

A discussion document for the Scottish Court Service has identified Rothesay as one of seven Scottish sheriff courts which could be considered for closure because they are not busy enough.

Rothesay solicitor Elaine Campbell told The Buteman: “One of the major concerns in the event of Rothesay Sheriff Court closing relates to transport.

“Since you’re no longer allowed to sit in your car on the ferry to Wemyss Bay, imagine what it’s going to be like having the accused, the complainer and all their followers travelling together in the same lounge. That’s a real recipe for trouble.

“The question of police resources on the island, in the event of officers having to travel to Greenock to give evidence, is another big issue.

“I have no doubt that if this is a cost-cutting measure, while it may well reduce costs under one heading, it will increase them under another.

“I believe it’s likely it will end up costing more. Unfortunately, most of the people making these decisions just won’t realise the logistical implications.”