Police urge public to report anti-social behaviour

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A NEW police campaign is asking that members of the public speak up and report instances of anti-social behaviour on Bute.

Anti-social behaviour is no joke and can seriously affect people’s lives.

It’s well known that alcohol can be a contributory factor in such incidents - and although these have dropped significantly over the past five years, the new campaign urges local residents to report concerns to the police.

It asks people to act responsibly and not buy alcohol for youngsters who hang about their local shops. If you choose to do so, you’re not helping them and you’re not helping your community; you’re actually fuelling the problem.

A series of thought-provoking images will feature on advertising and social media to challenge young people involved in anti-social behaviour to think about their actions and the consequences.

Workers in bars and off-sales will be targeted by the campaign, reminding them not to sell alcohol to anyone who is already drunk and to be aware that some purchases are made for underage drinkers.

Reducing the amount of alcohol getting into the hands of under-agers can play a key role in reducing antisocial behaviour and ultimately help keep the community safe.

Local police inspector Gordon Anderson, said: “We are fully committed to reducing incidents of antisocial behaviour and disorder and this campaign emphasises that commitment.

“It is part of our long term strategy to tackle violence, disorder and antisocial behaviour and illustrates Strathclyde Police’s ongoing commitment to keeping people safe.”

For further information about the campaign, go to http://tiny.cc/qz27lw

You can also follow the campaign on Strathclyde Police’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/strathclydepolice or via Twitter, @keeppeoplesafe with the hashtag #DontFuelASB.

* If you have witnessed an incident of anti-social behaviour, you can report it to Rothesay Police office by calling (01700) 894 000.