Police in licence reminder to Bute motorists

Strathclyde Police has issued a reminder to motorists on Bute and beyond of the requirements relating to driving licences.

Inspector Gordon Anderson, the senior police officer on the island, said a recent increase in the number of offences detected has shown that the public may not be aware of the lawful requirements put on every driver.

Inspector Anderson said: “To this end the following guidance may assist in the prevention of these avoidable offences.

“The DVLA started issuing photo-card licenses 15 years ago and more than 30 million drivers have one.

“There is a legal requirement that after 10 years every driver must renew their photo-card license.

“There is also a legal requirement for drivers to notify the DVLA if they have changed address.

“Failure to do this could be costly with fines up to £1,000. To update your address on your driving licence is free. “Further guidance is available online or at your local post office.”

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