MP criticises Rothesay court closure plan

Argyll and Bute MP Alan Reid has criticised the Scottish Courts Service’s proposal to close Rothesay Sheriff Court and transfer all Bute court business to Greenock.

Mr Reid was reacting to the contents of a consultation paper, launched on Friday, which aims to reflect planned reforms to the justice system while also cutting costs.

“Closing Rothesay Sheriff Court will cause considerable inconvenience to litigants, witnesses and the police, who will all have to travel to Greenock,” Mr Reid said.

“Justice should be administered locally on Bute, and I urge all islanders to object to the closure proposal during the consultation process.”

Eric McQueen, executive director of the SCS, said: “We have to provide a court structure that provides access to justice for the people of Scotland, along with the facilities and services which they have a right to expect.

“That structure has to reflect the planned reforms to the justice system and at the same time be affordable in the long term. We already know the status quo is not an option.”