‘Hair-pulling’ woman ordered to pay compensation to victim

A RENFREW woman who pleaded guilty to seizing a barmaid by the hair, and to resisting arrest, was ordered to pay compensation to her victim at Rothesay Sheriff Court.

The court was told that on November 4, 2012 in the Grapes Bar, the accused - Gemma Louise Bryson, (23), address given as 9A Jessiman Square, Renfrew – had been drinking with two friends. At one stage during the night, the two friends had begun to argue, at which point the complainer (barmaid) attempted to separate the two. Seeing this, Bryson grabbed the complainer by the hair and pulled it repeatedly.

Another member of staff, seeing what had happened, ran outside the premises and attracted the attention of police officers who entered the pub and arrested the accused. Bryson, however, responded by flailing her arms about and kicking out, and was ultimately carried to the awaiting police van due to her non-co-operation. She made no reply to caution or charge.

Bryson’s agent, Miss Spencer, told the court that the accused had been outside at the time when her two friends started fighting, and upon her re-entry to the pub, saw the complainer on top of one friend, which is why she reacted the way she did. “She has been very concerned over these court proceedings – she deeply regrets her actions and has stated that it’s completely out of character for her,” Miss Spencer added.

Sheriff Ruth Anderson fined Bryson the sum of £200 for resisting arrest, and ordered her to pay her victim the sum of £100.