Court: Rothesay man acquitted after date mix-up

A ROTHESAY man was acquitted at the town’s sheriff court on Monday after a trial collapsed due to confusion over when the incident took place.

Twenty-two year-old Brian Watt had denied a charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear and alarm, by picking up a water jug at the Argyll Arms pub and throwing it over the bar on April 29, relying on a special defence of alibi.

Watt, who gave his address as 4C Glebe Terrace told the court he had been in the Palace Bar with friends when the alleged incident took place. But halfway through giving his evidence, Sheriff Ruth Anderson noticed that Watt’s solicitor, Emma Kyle, had asked him about his whereabouts on April 28 – a day before the date given on the charge sheet.

After a short adjournment, during which the sheriff spoke in private to Miss Kyle and fiscal depute Henna Chaudry, the court resumed; Miss Chaudry stated the Crown was no longer seeking a conviction in the case, and Watt was formally acquitted.