Bute solicitor claims letter-writer’s assertions are ‘nonsense’

A local solicitor has said that it is ‘nonsense’ that a junior solicitor of a Glasgow-based firm costs £1,000 for a short Hearing at Rothesay Sheriff Court.

Ms Anne Grey made the claim in a letter to The Buteman on June 21, claiming that Rothesay solicitors will lose business from clients due to the closure of Rothesay Sheriff Court, adding that the island-based solicitors will be forced charge their clients more to compensate.

Mr Jim Hannay, solicitor with Hannay Fraser & Co in Castle Street, Rothesay, has said in a letter to the editor: “I regret to say that Ms Grey is quite incorrect with regard to the majority of the factual content of her letter.

“It is true that with no Court on Bute Glasgow-based firms or indeed Edinburgh-based firms or Aberdeen-based firms will no longer require to appoint Rothesay-based firms as paid agents to represent their clients. The practical effect of this will be negligible given that the agent’s fee is in normal circumstances restricted to approximately £40 per appearance.

“There is little income from this source to Rothesay solicitors.

“I further fail to understand how she can state that “a junior solicitor of a Glasgow-based firm” costs £1,000 for a short hearing at Rothesay Sheriff Court. I fail to see how she could possibly arrive at this figure and just wonder where she got this information from.

“It is just nonsense.”