Big fall in police incidents on Bute

There’s been a substantial reduction in the number of incidents reported to Strathclyde Police officers on Bute, according to statistics reported to the island’s community council this week.

A total of 224 incidents were reported to police on the island during October - 13 per cent fewer than in October 2011, when police on the island dealt with 292 reported incidents.

The number of crimes and offences reported also fell, from 53 in October 2011 to 43 last month - though detection rates remained steady, with 30 detections compared to 31 in the same month last year.

There was a notable increase in drug possession incidents, from one in October 2011 to seven last month.

Inspector Gordon Anderson, the senior police officer on the island, told Bute Community Council on Wednesday that five people had been charged with careless driving offences during October, and that one persistent offender had been given a 12-month ban; he also said police were continuing to monitor parking offences on the island.

Additional high visibility patrols are planned for the run-up to Christmas and into the new year, while the police’s annual festive campaign against drink-driving begins at the start of December.