Beware of HMRC ‘phishing’ scam, says Buteman reader

Images of the women were posted online
Images of the women were posted online

Buteman reader Anne Berrich has warned people to be aware of an email scam in the form of what looks like an official message from HM Revenue and Customs.

The ‘phishing’ bid, regularly reported throughout the UK and beyond, tells the email’s recipient that he or she is owed a tax refund.

‘Phishing’ is the term for the fraudulent act of emailing a person in order to obtain their personal or financial information, such as passwords and credit card or bank account details.

Anne, who received the email in question, told us: “It looks official but is a scam. People should be alert and not give out any personal info/bank or credit card details. Inform HMRC if this happens.

“I didn’t immediately smell a rat as the email looked official. Fortunately I phoned an accountant who knew right away it was a scam.”

The message was forwarded to HMRC who confirmed that it did not come from them. For more information on how to spot whether an email purporting to be from HMRC is genuine or a phishing scam, click here.