£100 fine for drunk and disorderly Ayrshire man

AN Ayrshire man pleaded guilty to behaving in a disorderly manner and for hindering police officers in their duty at Rothesay Sheriff Court on Monday morning.

William Stewart Bigham, (46), address given as 37 St Brennans Court, Kilbirnie, who was not represented by an agent during proceedings, told the court: “On that day I’d been out for a few pints, I should’ve taken the fine but I was drunk. I’m sorry.”

Bigham was referring to an incident on February 20 at a licensed premises in Marine Road where he was refused alcohol given his already intoxicated state. The barmaid asked him to leave the premises, and he became aggressive, refusing to leave and demanding more alcohol.

Following multiple requests for him to leave, the barmaid said she would contact the police, to which the accused replied ‘Tell the f*****g scum to come’.

Officers arrived at the scene and were told, by Bigham, ‘Give me the f*****g jail now ‘cause I’m not paying another £40 for a hotel’.

He was placed into the police van and given the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty of £50 and be on his way, but after asking officers for a lift to Rothesay which was refused, Bigham lay down on the seat and refused to exit the vehicle.

Addressing the court, Bigham said: “Listening back to what’s been said, it sounds bad.”

Bigham was fined £50 for his disorderly behaviour, and a further £50 for hindering offices in their duty.