Council ‘is working to save Royal Hotel’

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Bute councillor Len Scoullar has insisted that Argyll and Bute Council is doing everything it reasonably can to save the Royal Hotel.

Our front page story last week reported on fears that the crumbling hotel, owned by George Hart, might not survive another winter without major repairs.

Council teams will again work on the building this week to prevent further damage and make sure it is safe.

Cllr Scoullar said: “The current owner hasn’t managed to maintain the building in a safe condition and the council has a duty to maintain public safety in and around it.

“The council has successfully attracted a multi millon pound funding package for Rothesay’s Townscape Heritage Initiative, and although the Royal Hotel is not one of the designated THI projects we are still actively exploring options for the building. This means working with everyone who has an interest in the building’s future.”

Responding to comments by Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell, who suggested the buck stopped, for now, with the local authority, and expressed the hope council officials would not be “hidebound by bureaucracy” in dealing with the building, Cllr Scoullar added: “This isn’t about being hidebound by bureaucracy. It’s about making sure we put safety first and recognising our statutory obligations.”