Council holds ‘full and frank’ talks with MSP

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ARGYLL and Bute’s new constituency MSP, Michael Russell, had “a full and frank discussion” with the leader and depute leader of the local authority when they met on Friday for the first time since Mr Russell’s election.

A brief announcement from Argyll and Bute Council on Friday afternoon stated that the discussion between Mr Russell, council leader Dick Walsh and depute leader Ellen Morton, covered “a wide range of issues”, not solely education.

“They have found that there are many key areas where they can work together for the benefit of the people of Argyll and Bute,” the statement continued, adding that a further meeting would be held specifically to consider education matters.

Mr Russell said after being returned as Argyll and Bute’s new MSP last Friday that he regarded his 8,543 majority – a tenfold increase on that achieved by his SNP colleague Jim Mather in 2007 – as a “clear mandate” to oppose the local authority’s controversial plans to close 11 schools, including North Bute Primary in Port Bannatyne.