Channel swim completed for Calum’s Cabin

Almost 15 hours after having left Dover, swimming against strong currents in freezing conditions, Kevin Blick made it to the French coast – all in aid of Calum’s Cabin.

We reported on Wednesday that Londoner Kevin had pushed forward his challenge of swimming the English Channel from September to that evening – and have been following his progress via Twitter updates and, a website which tracks the movements of ships and vessels around Britain.

Swimming in the dark is no easy feat – particularly when you’ve a particular destination in mind – and so the pilot boat Seafarer II was able to keep a watchful eye on Kevin’s progress via a green light attached to the back of his swimming cap.

Seasickness struck, meaning Kevin had to switch from solid food to sugar water for a period, to keep him hydrated during the gruelling swim.

At 6.19pm, his twitter page announced, “Kevin is in France!!!just stepped ashore, waiting for official time - looks like just under 15 hrs”.

Thus ended a challenge which only 10 per cent of Channel swimmers have successfully completed. The tally on Kevin’s Just giving page, at present, stands at £10,137, meaning he has more than reached his target of £10,000 for the island charity.

Congratulations to Kevin for this mammoth effort!