CalMac apologises over crew cars complaint

MV Bute at Rothesay harbour.
MV Bute at Rothesay harbour.

CalMac have apologised after vehicles were unable to board a sailing due to lack of space, while staff members’ vehicles remained on the car deck.

Jean Moffat, a member of Bute Community Council, told those present at BCC’s meeting on Wednesday, February 17, that she had travelled on that morning’s 8.35am sailing from Rothesay but saw that a number of vehicles couldn’t be boardedas the vessel was full.

“There were three employees’ cars on the ferry, and cars were left behind in Rothesay,” said Mrs Moffat.

“On the ferry on the way back they still had their cars on board. The whole thing is ridiculous.”

BCC chair, Grace Strong, commented: “We were promised by Simon Richmond [CalMac area operations manager], back when we were talking about Wemyss Bay pier closing, that staff wouldn’t be allowed to leave their cars onboard.”

Community councillor Barbara Hill suggested that the problem of limited space on a reduced number of sailings might be exacerbated by with the resumption of coach trips to the Glenburn Hotel.

A CalMac spokesperson said: “It is our policy that staff cars should not be shipped when space on the vessel is tight. It would appear that in this instance there was a failure in our processes for which we apologise.

“We will review the way these decisions are made to try and avoid this happening again in the future.”