Call for more bin uplifts

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A Rothesay woman has complained that the infrequent bin collection in the town means her neighbourhood is ‘going back to Victorian standards’.

Betty McNeish said that the three communal bins on Church Lane are not sufficient for the seven families sharing them, and that they will soon become a health hazard.

She said: “There’s not enough bins here for the amount of families.

“They fill up far too quickly and by collection day the seagulls are at them breaking open the bags.”

“It’s not satisfactory in this day and age to not have enough space for rubbish.”

Seven other families live in the same building as Betty and her husband, although as they own their residence they have their own private bins.

“It has been very difficult ever since they changed the collection to every three weeks, and I think everybody in the town is struggling.

“Even one more bin would alleviate the problem a bit.”

She is also concerned the overfilled bins will become a health hazard in warmer months.

“This is what I’ve had to look out on from my living room window every day.

“Come the summer we won’t be able to open our windows for the stench, the flies and the blue bottles.”

Argyll and Bute Council told the Buteman it has to reduce the amount of local waste that goes to landfill to meet Scottish Government targets.

A spokesman said: “Since we changed to a three-weekly general waste bin collection in 2016 we have seen a big increase in recycling and we’d like to thank residents in Bute for playing their part.

“The range of materials that can be recycled using our blue bins has increased - over 60% of average household waste.

“Excess general waste can be taken to neighbourhood recycling centres, and residents can request a visit from one of our wardens for advice on waste collection and recycling.”